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Ball 2 Quart 1.8 Litre Preserving Jar – Also Great for Fermenting!


Perfect for preserving, storage and fermenting!
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The Ball 2 Quart (1.8 litre) jar is great not only for preserving, but also works beautifully as a fermenting crock when paired with one of our fermenting lid systems!  To make a fermenting crock with a ball wide mouth jar, simply purchase a pickle pipe set, or a silicone fermenting lid and an airlock from our site.

Capacity: Half gallon = 64oz = 1.8 litres

Size: 240mm high, 110mm wide

Mouth size: 86mm Wide Mouth

Suitable treatment methods: dry storage, vacuum seal, fermenting, water bath

Each jar comes complete with 2 part lid consisting of a flat disk incorporating a seal (the lid) and a twist on ring to hold the lid in place for processing (the band).

Lids are recommended for single use only if the jar is heat processed using a water bath.

Bands can be reused.



Weight .757 kg
Dimensions 28 × 13 × 13 cm

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