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Plastic Fermenting Lid With Built in Seal and Airlock


Preserve your food the natural way with the Wide Mouth Ball Mason  Fermenting Jar Lid.  Also purchase one of our half gallon jars and a couple of weights, and you’ve got a perfect fermenting system! Fermenting food is the oldest form of preserving with the technique being in use for over 4000 years! Yes you can make Pickles, Kimchi and Sauerkraut, and that is just the start. Ferment all your veggies and fruits into delicious foods which are much better for your health!
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Ball Mason reusable Lids are of the highest quality and contain NO BPA! (Bisphenol A).

The lid effectively provides an airlock, allowing gases to vent naturally from your jar without your intervention, which can introduce harmful yeasts or excessive oxygen to the fermenting product.

The lid will fit any Ball Mason wide mouth jar.  You will receive the lid with airlock. No jar included.

Please take care when inserting or removing the airlock to do so gently and hold the black grommet in position whilst doing so. Do not push the airlock into the lid forcefully or this can cause it to break.  

Directions for use

Check that the seal on the underside of the lid is clear and free of debris.  Insert the airlock into the rubber hole on the lid, being careful not to push too hard. (Note that there may be a little movement in around the seal before the airlock is inserted but once the airlock is in it should be firm round the hole)

Fill the jar with the food you are fermenting and leave about 2 – 3cm headspace.  Pour on whatever liquid you are using as a fermenting liquid, be it a salt brine, whey or lactic cultures.  Ensure that the liquid covers the food but still leaves head space at the top.  For some food you may wish to weigh down the food with a fermenting weight (sold separately) so that it stays submerged beneath the liquid.

Place the lid with the airlock inserted on top of the jar by screwing firmly.

Remove the top off the airlock and add water to about half way up the airlock.  Replace the top on the airlock.

The fermenting process starts immediately.

Once the product is fermented, you can store it in the fridge with the air lock in place, or remove the lid and replace with a storage lid such as the Ball Wide Mouth storage lid.

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Dimensions 14 × 14 × 7 cm

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