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Magnetic Fly Screen Mesh Door Curtain 900mm Wide


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The perfect solution to keep flies out of your clean home!
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This is hands down the best magnetic fly screen you will find and it will last season after season.


• Sturdy mesh that will last season after season
• Stay tight durable magnetic rods sewn into the full length of the centre opening keep the screen fully closed with no gaps – other screens have plastic magnetic blocks that can fall off and do not seal the entire opening
• Casing is sewn around the entire screen not just heat sealed
• Weighted bottom prevents it blowing open in a breeze
• The 2 panels of the screen are sewn together at the top for superior staying power
• Easy to install


• Insect free interior
• Protection for years to come
• A quality product in your home

New style screen with stay tight magnetic rods that run the full length of the opening keep your home sanitary and free from bugs. These magnets are sewn into a casing for extra durability. The 2 panels of this fly screen are sewn together at the top for superior staying power.

This door screen is so easy to pass through. It closes automatically behind you with continuous superior quality magnetic rods that click together to bring the screen back to a closed position every time.

Pass through with ease! Small animals can easily go through this screen too!

This screen can easily be attached to wood, steel and aluminum framing with the included velcro strips. Tacks are also included for extra holding power on wooden door frames.

Size: 900mm. x 2100mm.
Material: Mesh Screen
Color: Black

Quick and easy installation instructions included.

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Weight .600 kg
Dimensions 33 × 24 × 3 cm

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