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Beer Brewery Starter Kit by Mangrove Jack’s


Mangrove Jack’s Starter Brewery Kit is a complete set of quality brewer’s equipment and specialized ingredients to get making beer today! Everything you need to make homemade beer is in the kit (except bottles).
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You can now learn to make your own fresh and delicious hand crafted beer right at home with the Mangrove Jack’s Starter Brewing Kit. Brewing at home is so much fun! It also saves you heaps of money in the process.  Learning to brew a terrific and hand crafted beer at home has never been easier than with the Mangrove Jack’s Starter Brewery Kit!  This brewing kit combines all of the instructions, essential equipment, and Mangrove Jack’s ingredients to ensure you will be making great tasting beer in no time right from your very first brew!

The Mangrove Jack’s Starter Home Brew Kit Contains:

  • 30L Fermenter
  • Thermometer
  • Airlock
  • Hydrometer
  • Brew Bottler with sediment reducer
  • Brewer’s spoon
  • Mangrove Jack’s brewing ingredients
  • Beer finings
  • Carbonation drops
  • Steriliser and detergent
  • Bottle brush
  • Brewing Instructions

When you are making your own home brew, the very first and most important step is to thoroughly and completely sanitize all of your equipment by washing and sterilizing. And in fact, sanitizing is the most important part of the brewing process so that you will prevent your beer from getting contaminated by bad bacteria. Be sure to clean absolutely everything including your working surfaces and your hands with hot soapy water. After you have finished washing, you will need to finish off the sanitizing all of your equipment by using a sterilizing solution which is provided with this kit. Now that everything is sterilized, you are ready to start preparing the solution that is going to turn into beer. Be sure to completely follow all of the instructions that have been provided with your Mangrove Jack’s kit for a successful brew!

Please note that the bottles are sold seperately. We have professional quality brew bottles right here at Simple Living. Just follow this link. 750ml Brown Fliptop Brewing Bottles

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Dimensions 36 × 36 × 58 cm

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