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AdHoc Parmesan Cheese Grater Mill Pisa white


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Easily grate Parmesan with the easy to use newly developed hard-cheese-mill Pisa with gearing system.


Due to its slightly bent shape the gear supported cheese grater is very handy. Even smaller hands can easily handle our “Leaning Tower”. Simply put a piece of cheese into the open flap and start turning the crank – the etched sharp blade will cut through the cheese like butter. You can easily dis- and reassemble the mill before and after cleaning.

  • effortless grating thanks to the gear supported crank
  • stainless steel grater drum with ultra-sharp etched blade
  • dishwasher safe


Measures: Height 16 cm, Diameter 6 cm

Weight .195 kg
Dimensions 16 × 6 × 8 cm

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